Bringing New Purpose To Old Timbers

  Free Timber Corbels with every mantel (if requested)  

ustom sawn from hand hewn 100+ year old timbers, rustic log fireplace mantels create a unique focal point in your home. Every mantel has its own distinguishing grain, and individual axe and adz markings. These characteristics simply cannot be replicated. mantel stylesAntique Mantels and Timbers supplies only the best mantel materials. Mantels are custom cut to your specifications. Your mantel will be shipped to you cleaned, treated, and brush-sanded. Contact us if you need personal guidance with dimensions.

Antique Hand Hewn Mantel
Reclaimed from barns and settler cabins, these hewn wood fireplace mantels boast a custom sawn flat surface while still bearing their original 100+ year old hewn bottom and face. Character markings add to the unique beauty of this mantel. (#1 and #2, right)

Antique Sleeper Mantel
Cut from large 100+ year old growth trees, settlers hand hewn two sides of the tree, thus leaving two rounded sides. We custom saw your mantel's surface, leaving the hewn bottom and the original rounded face. (#3)

Antique Re-sawn Mantel
This mantel type is a rough sawn four-sided timber. We begin with an antique beam, each side is then re-sawn to expose the natural grain, thus giving you an original beam mantel custom cut to your exact dimensions. (#4)

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