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and Hewn Beams
Reclaimed from early settler cabins and barns, these hardwood beams were created 100+ years ago using only an axe and adz to "hand hewn" large old growth timbers. It is these beams and timbers we reclaim, giving them a second chance to display their unique character, rich beauty, and strong history. There simply is no substitute for the authentic, hand-crafted appeal of 100+ year old materials! 


Beams are mostly mixed hardwoods and are available in various sizes and lengths. Character markings such as mortise and knot holes, nail and mineral stains are part of the unique beauty and history of these beams. Beam pictures will give you an idea of what your beams will look like; however, each beam will have its own individual markings. Hand hewn log beams range in mostly brown tones; remember the patina will change slightly over time. Antique Mantels and Timbers offers fumigation and always complimentary washing of your beams. Custom sawing is available on site! These vintage beams are obtainable in two styles: 4-sided hewn and 2-sided hewn. (Factory beams are also available.)

4-sided Hewn Beam
Hand hewn on all four sides, this beam is sought after, due mainly to its structural integrity and its aesthetic beauty. This squared timber typically ranges in dimensions (6x6, 8x8, 10x10, etc).  

2-sided Hewn Beam
This beam was mostly used for larger structures such as building log cabins, or for barn framing. This beam is hand hewn on two sides, while the remaining two sides bear their original rounded faces.  

Factory Beams
This style of beam is a rough sawn four-sided timber. These very tall, very strong woods were milled to build factories & warehouses. Factory and warehouse beams can range in size from 6x6’s and 8x8’s upwards.

Custom sawing is available on site.
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