Bringing New Purpose To Old Timbers


hether it be inside or outside, add character with naturally distressed barnwood. Natural elements such as rain, wind, and sun, spent many years coloring this material to beautiful silver grey or weathered brown.

Silver Grey Barnboard

Silver Grey

Brown Barn Wood


Faded red barn board

Faded Red

Each side of the barn offers its own unique colorings (greys, browns) and character markings (nail holes, stains). Barnboard is excellent for exterior walls just as it brings warmth to interior walls, floors and ceilings. Old barn wood siding is sold in random widths (5” to 12”, sometimes wider), and random lengths (4’ and up). It is easily applied as paneling, flooring, ceilings or surfacing for counters. Possibilities are endless and character unmistakable with reclaimed barn board.

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